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HS88 Derating Guide

Elastomers lose some of their mechanical strength when they get hotter. Click on the link below to see an example of a HS88 derating chart.

HS88 Derating Graph

Performance Summary

For a summary of the performance curves on our power sections click on the link below.

Performance Summary - Imperial

Performance Summary - Metric

Dimensional Summary

For a summary of the dimensional information on our power sections click on the link below.

Dimensional Summary - Imperial

Stator Elastomers

As a progressive rotor and stator supplier, one of our goals is continuous improvement in stator elastomer compounds.

Stator Elastomers Brochure

Stator Service Poster

Chunking, splitting or ribbing are just a few of the mechanical issues that can plague the life span of a stator. For a better understanding click on the link below.

Stator Service Poster

Rotor Service Poster

Corrosion is the failure of the rotor coating due to corrosive elements in the drilling fluid. To learn about other mechanical issues that can affect the life of the rotor click on the link below.

Rotor Service Poster

Case Studies

High strength elastomer increases ROP by thirty percent in Eagleford. The Operator wanted to drill the curve and lateral portion of the well with a single motor.

HS88 Elastomer

HS88 Eagleford Aug

HS88 Permian

HS88 Record BC

HS88 Record Bakken

Shale Map



HS88 Fit Chart
power section