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Technical Support

Customer focus is PV Fluids' strength. Our experienced sales staff has the background to
provide full customer and product support with:

PV strives to enhance customer understanding of the progressing cavity (Moineau) principle
and its application. The goal is to assist customers in their objectives to improve motor
performance and reduce drilling costs. PV has developed training tools to assist customers.
Introducing Tech Tips!

Customer focus is PV Fluids strength. Our experienced sales staff has the background to
provide full customer and product support. The Frequently Asked Questions section on this
website includes in-depth coverage on the following subjects.

1. A self-evident or universally recognized truth.
2. An established rule, principle, or law.
3. A self-evident principle or one that is accepted as true without proof as the basis for argument; a postulate

How are RPM and torque related? What determines the full load line on a spec sheet? Why is the motor called "progressing cavity"? Why does a stator chunk out? How does an oil-based mud affect the stator?

Introducing PV's AXIOM training sessions, comprehensive technical training seminars where PV presents the technical and engineering aspects of the progressing cavity motor. PV's AXIOM provides the participant a better understanding of the power section and how it relates to the mud motor and drilling applications. Learn about how and why the power section works, how power sections are designed, what drilling variables affect motor performance and the different failure modes that occur.

Each AXIOM training seminar is customized to the group participating, whether they are motor mechanics wanting a better understanding of how the power section relates to the motor, to directional drillers who want to understand performance characteristics, to engineers who want to understand why they work. Sales groups also benefit from AXIOM training as it provides training around the whole scope of motor applications, allowing the salesman to be better prepared to discuss application issues with their customers. Groups with diverse backgrounds can be accommodated to provide cross-training among employees.

Sessions last as short as an hour for "lunch and learn" situations where time is limited, to all day sessions for in-depth discussions about covered topics. PV's AXIOM can also be presented in modules over multiple days to allow for schedules and topic coverage.

Contact your PV sales representative for more information or to book an AXIOM training session.

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