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What We Value Most

PV’s success can be attributed to the corporate values that govern how we perform with our Customers, Vendors and with each other as employees.

  1. Accountability - Responsible for our actions, commitments, and decisions;
  2. Balance - Success in both home and work families
  3. Continuous Improvement - A never ending journey progressing our people, products and processes
  4. Customer Focused - We all have a role in helping our customers progress our industry
  5. Health, Safety, and Community - Always do the right thing
  6. Integrity - Ethical, honest, and fair in everything we do
  7. Positive Attitude - Passionate, fun, and enthusiastic people create positive outcomes
  8. Respect - Treating people with dignity, equality and trust
  9. Teamwork - Working together towards a common goal

Mission Statement

Committed employees delivering exceptional customer experiences by providing top quality, innovative products using advanced manufacturing techniques.


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